Join Napoleon Bee Supply,  August 7th 2021  As one of the sponsors for Michigan Honey Festival, We are so excited to see our customers, family and friends  join us at… The Michigan Honey Festival In FRANKENMUTH!1st Saturday in AugustHeld at the Harvey Kern Pavilion Michigan Honey Festival flyer 2021   Harvey Kern Pavilion 601 Weiss […]

Bee Day 2021

 May 21,2021 Bee Day was a Great Success! We could not have been so successful distributing all the 720 3lb packaged Bees without all of you who volunteered: Maya, Kathleen, Becky, Nichole, Essen, Kaeli, Angie, Alicia, Katelyn, Jacob, Chris,  Allan, Dean, Steve, Don, Cecile, and Brandon. Thank you all for being such great people, who […]


Nuc’s are available for pick up This Saturday, May 8th Pick up is available from 9am -5pm