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If you are curious or confused about honey bees or starting a bee hive, this book has all the special terminology about bees and beekeeping. Here is the answer to your need for short and concise definitions of the vocabulary of beekeeping. With nearly 600 color photos and images, this is a huge hit with new beekeepers and those teaching bee classes. The visually exciting 234 page, large format book with a helpful lay-flat cover is divided into 14 chapters: Introduction Preface Overview 1. Types of Bees and Their Relatives 2. Anatomy & Organ Systems 3. Bee Behavior 4. Players in the Hive 5. Beekeeper 6. Hive Types 7. Comb and Frames 8. A Year in the Bee Yard 9. Swarming 10. Nucleus and Increase Hives 11. Queen Production and Rearing 12. Bee Botany: Honey and Pollen Production & Pollination 13. Products of the Bee Hive 14. Pathogens, Predators, Pesticides, Pests Index


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