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Feedings For healthier bees, larger populations, less disease and an energized colony-good nutrition is essential. INGREDIENTS: 1. Specially prepared and toasted soy beans. 2. Sucrose 3. Spray-dried, non fermentative, Saccharomyces. (Spray-dried for enhanced quality and nutrient retention.)

Directions For Wet Use

(Makes 1 patty: 1 per hive)
Mix Approximately 2 parts Brood Builder to 1
part fructose or sugar syrup. (Ex. 2 cups Brood Builder
to 1 cup fructose or sugar syrup) Mix into a stiff,
dough like consistency. You may have to add more
Brood Builder if you want a stiffer patty. Form into
approximately 1 pound patties. Place
on top bars in hives and repeat as necessary.

Directions For Dry Use

Feed as is from the package on platforms or trays
directly in the bee yard. Must be protected from
direct moisture, such as rain, dew, fog and other
inclement weather. Fill feeders often.

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