Drone Frames Deep Green


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‘-One piece plastic frame and foundation
-Fully assembled
-Larger cell pattern encouraging the Bees to build drone comb
-Helps to reduce varroa mites population
-Insert one drone frame into each hive
-When the Bees have capped the cells, place the frame in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight
-Remove the frame from the freezer and let it warm to room temperature
-Drag your capping scratcher across the cells, breaking them open
-Return the drone frame back to the hive for the worker Bees to clean out the dead drones and dead mites
-Repeat the cycle as the Bees refill and cap the cells
-100% Beeswax coating
-Food grade plastic
-7.1 mm cell size
-Impervious to wax moth or rodent damage

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 20 in


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