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‘-Varroa Mite treatment
-Popular Mite Treatment
-10 Doses (20 strips)
-The next generation in formic acid treatment for mites
-All natural materials
-Can be used during honey flow
-Unlike Mite Away Quick Strips, Formic Pro has a longer shelf life of 24 months
-No storage temperature requirements
-Allow a minimum of one month between applications
-Kills adult Varroa Mites and up to 95% of Varroa under the cappings
-Plant-based gel
-Contains formic acid
-Thin pack, easy to apply
-Follow enclosed directions
-When treating, daytime temperature should be between 50 – 84°F
-Place strips across top bars of frames between brood boxes, or on top of a single deep brood box
-Wear recommended safety equipment for acid
-Treatment Options: 14 day Treatment = 2 strips for 14 days. 20 day Treatment = 1st strip for 10 days, remove and replace with 2nd strip for an additional 10 days
-Cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.

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