Bee Day 2021

 May 21,2021

Bee Day was a Great Success!

We could not have been so successful distributing all the 720 3lb packaged Bees without all of you who volunteered:

Maya, Kathleen, Becky, Nichole, Essen, Kaeli, Angie, Alicia, Katelyn, Jacob, Chris,  Allan, Dean, Steve, Don, Cecile, and Brandon.

Thank you all for being such great people, who gave up your time to help us.  You worked so hard in the heat and we appreciate all the hard work that you put forth to help “Save The Bees!”

Thank you to all our customers who waited so patiently in a long line and shared your beautiful pets with us along the way. A special thanks to Anne Meirow for bringing us doughnuts and all of you who wished us well along the way!



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