Free Beekeeping Class for NewBees Sat, January 28th 3PM-5PM

So you want to be a Beekeeper!

Presenting: Kim and John Haynes

Saturday, January 28th

3 PM – 5PM

Come and join us at

Napoleon Bee Supply and learn some of the basics of Beekeeping.

  • Threats to the honey bee population and how you can help
  • Basic facts about honey bee colonies
  • Plan and Prepare for Your Bees
  • Hive parts and Equipment to consider
  •  Inspection and treating early for Varroa destructor mites

Learn about some of the benefits of beekeeping:

Pollination, Honey, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Bee Pollen

Class is free!!   Limited seating is available.

Please call (517) 499-0439, come into the store, or email to reserve your seat.


10 Responses to “Free Beekeeping Class for NewBees Sat, January 28th 3PM-5PM”

    • Hello Sherri, Sorry you missed the class January 28th. We will be having a Beginner Beekeeping Class March 18th. It will be posted on our website and Facebook as soon as we get more details from the Beekeeper.

      Thanky you for your interest!


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