May Bee Day!

Hey Beekeepers,

May is one of the most exciting times of the season for beekeeping.

Now is the time to assess your bee’s health and strength. Your mite treatments should be completed and removed from the hive before you add honey supers. You may also consider adding a queen excluder at this time.

Other tasks include installing Package Bees and conducting your first hive inspection a week or so later. Make a habit of inspecting all established hives weekly.

As your queen begins to lay eggs at a greater rate, hives with a larger population may prepare for swarming. By keeping an eye out for queen cells, you may be able to tell if a swarm is in the making.

Late May into June is a great time to catch a swarm of bees, too, so be sure to have a hive ready in case you have the opportunity.

Time is running out to order your Bees!
Bee sales end May 1st. If you have ordered 3 LB Package Bees, Bee Day is Saturday, May 13th. Pick up your Bees at Napoleon Bee Supply between 8AM and 5PM.

If you ordered Italian Nucs, please pick up your Nucs Saturday, May 6th at Napoleon Bee Supply between 9AM and 5PM.

We will continue to sell Italian Nucs for June starting May 1st.

We are still waiting for a pick-up date for Carniolan Nuc’s and will contact you very soon with the date.

Flowers and Veggie Flats have arrived in time for Mother’s Day which is May 14th, so be sure to come and check them out.

We have Hanging baskets for $18.00,
Pots of perennials for $10.00, and
Flats of Annual Flowers and Veggies for $13.00.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Don’t forget to join us Saturday May 20th at the
Bee Day Festival in Adrian.

Joining a local beekeeping club like
River Raisin Bee Club, is the best way to learn about the particulars of beekeeping for your region.
It is one of the first things we suggest.

Stay tune for up coming guest speekers.

We are very excited to see you all very soon.

Have A Great Bee Season!

Tim and Michelle

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