Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Beekeepers,

Now is the time to gather with Family and Friends and Bee Merry!
It is also the time for our Bees to gather around their Queen in their winter cluster, and there is little to no egg laying in December.

Beekeeping December activities are to order any necessary equipment and to replace any bees (packages, Nuc.’s, or queens) as soon as possible; producers generally run out fast. Clean your honey house, freezer, or other areas that are chaotic/full in the active season. Take inventory. Fix, clean/sterilize, purchase, assemble, and paint equipment as needed. Yard maintenance to remove ice blocking the hive entrances, to give the colonies better ventilation. Use this time to educate yourself and reach out to mentors and Bee clubs. Reflect on what went well and what you might change next year. Plan for your upcoming year: do you want to downsize or scale up, try out a new form of honey production, get into the pollination business, or something else? Catch up on Bee Culture and American Bee Journal – and renew your subscription!
Bee sales start in January at Napoleon Bee Supply and Beginner Beekeeping Classes start in mid -January.

Stop in and see us to pick up your last minute Christmas gifts and save 10% on all items until Saturday, December 23rd until 3pm, excluding Bees.
Bee Sales start January 3rd after the Holidays. Come in and pre-order, place orders over the phone, or order online @ napoleonbeesupply.com for spring pick-up.
3LB Packages are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 11th and Nuc’s will be available in early May, weather permitting.

Beginner Beekeeping classes start Saturday, January 20th at 3pm with Advanced Beekeepers, Kim and John Haynes who teach sustainable beekeeping practices and techniques such as:
Honeybee Biology
The Workings and Components of a Hive
Beekeeping Tools and Protective Gear
Obtaining Bees
Seasonal Hive Management
Bee Disease and Pest Management
Honey Extraction

We are again delighted and excited to service your Beekeeping needs in this upcoming New Year!
Have a Blessed Holiday and Bee Merry!
Tim & Michelle Greer

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