Beginner Beekeeping Basics

Free Beginner Beekeeping Class

Saturday, February 17th 3PM

Speaker: Emily Pedzinski

Emily Pedzinski is a Michigan Beekeeper going into her 5th year and has a successful YouTube ChannelĀ  “Beefit Beekeeping” to help Beekeepers learn and become successful.

Over the last 5 years she has expanded her apiary from 2 to now 80+ hives and has aspirations in slowly scaling up even more.

Her main goal is to breed a bee that is able to overwinter successfully in our climate and is resistant to our common pests like varroa mites, while having fun along the way.

She has big plans to teach a beginner beekeeping class for those that are starting beekeeping this year, those that have already started and want to learn more, or for those that are considering beekeeping in the future.

In this class she will be teaching Beekeeping Basics

  • Hive Components
  • Equipment needed to start Beekeeping
  • What to do when your bees arrive
  • Things to look for to be successful this year
  • Varroa Mite Treatments
  • Thinking ahead for over wintering your bees

Bring every question that you may have about beekeeping, because she plans to keep this class as an open dialogue, so that we can all take something away from the class and take along on our beekeeping journey.

Come Join us in supporting Emily Pedzinski in her Beekeeping Adventure

We look forward to see you all!

Please come in to sign up or call to reserve your seat.

(517) 499-0439

6800 Brooklyn Rd

Napoleon, MI 49261

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